Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Celebration of Henderson, Kentucky - History -Architecture -Remembrance

This post is the beginning of a series of photo essays, celebrating Downtown Henderson 

                                            Henderson Riverfront - Audubon Mill Park

Shown in the smaller photos above of the Henderson Riverfront background are the Henderson Welcome Center, Lewis and Clark historical landmark and surrounding riverfront views. The scenic vista where riverboats still dock on occasion, is the same Ohio Riverfront where John James Audubon landed with his flatboat in 1810. Here Audubon started a retail business, which later failed. It was through Audubon's grist mill failure that he came to realize his greater interest was to paint birds rather than to run a business. Later, as Audubon left Henderson, his plans were to paint all of America's birds. Today, looking as if he is still watching over the riverfront, the bronze statue of Audubon, also in the smaller photos above, serves as a reminder of his days sitting along the banks of the Ohio River, and it is where the millstone from his grist mill still remains in place. In addition to his riverfront influence, many of his paintings and personal memorabilia are on display at nearby Audubon State Park, in the John James Audubon Museum and Nature Center. 

The Audubon Mill Park - Riverfront Area is host to the annual summer concerts of the W.C. Handy Blues Festival and Bluegrass in the Park Folklife Festival. In addition to its summer activities, the riverfront is also a favorite spot for boat enthusiasts that enjoy using its spacious ramp area, and families with children consider the Riverfront Fountain, a perfect way to cool off on a warm summer's day.

For a full view of each of the smaller photos above, Click Here.


  1. A wonderful set of photos and educational post about my hometown. :)

  2. Thank you Sarah,
    I do hope you will also recommend the link to Follow Me Traveler to your friends, as well. Thank you for taking time to comment. It also allows you an entry into the April 16th giveaway here on Follow Me Traveler!

    Deb K Ryan

  3. I'm glad you are doing this. I love Henderson and it deserves to be presented in such a way that displays the beauty it sometimes hides.

  4. Jason,
    Thank you for your comments. I am enjoying working on the photo essays that share about and depict Henderson. It is a great place to live. Be sure to follow along with the rest of the series and please pass the blog link along to your friends. DebKRyan