Monday, September 17, 2012

Central Park, Henderson, Kentucky ~ Reminiscencing Downtown Henderson's Favorite Setting for Child's Play, Ceremonies, Community Events, Weddings and More

   from the Follow Me Traveler's Notebook

                                                               Central Park Fountain, Downtown Henderson, Kentucky  

                    Thanks to the Henderson Downtown Revitalization Project, this picturesque fountain was erected 
                    in 2003. The original fountain began losing parts due to weathering and vandalism in the 1920s. 
After numerous failed attempts for funding, this reproduction, that is faithful to the original, now 
stands as a focal point of Downtown Henderson, providing a quiet, soothing atmosphere for
 visitors to take refuge from the stresses of life or to celebrate its exciting moments. 

Originally, Central Park was named Transylvania Park since the land for the park was
a gift from the Transylvania Company.






Beautiful sights around Central Park

Photos of original fountain    

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